The Family and legacy of Blessed Charles de Foucauld

History of foundations:

In 1955, The Association of spiritual families Charles de Foucauld was 8 groups :

Since then several new groups have been founded;

Today there are 20 recognized groups counting 13,000 members in the world. New communities continue to be founded as more discover the life and charism of Blessed Charles of Jesus, Bl Charles de Foucauld.

Little Brothers of the Cross – Canada

Little Brothers of the Gospel

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The Joseph House

The Joseph House is a non-profit charity administered by the Little Sisters of Jesus and Mary, a religious community that follows the spirituality of Br. Charles.

Little Brothers of Jesus

USA Detroit, MI:



Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus


Foundress of the Little Sisters of Jesus


Petites Soeurs de Jésus

Montreal, Quebec, H2K 4K5


Jesus-Caritas Deacons Fraternity

Deacon David Previtali, Responsible


Jesus Caritas Priests

Jesus Caritas International

Jesus Caritas Priests International

For United Kingdom – Fr. Peter Stodart 

Lay Fraternities

Live the Gospel: a set of several pages that can be used in the formation of a lay fraternity.

It was produced by several African lay fraternities as an introduction for the formation of Lay Fraternities.

** The Little Guide: a comprehensive handbook created as an aid in forming  and guiding a lay fraternity.

Published by the International Team of Jesus Caritas Lay Fraternities. It is wonderful resource.

USA Lay Fraternity contact

North American Responsibles

Onalis Hernandez,(Spanish Speaking Fraternities)

Mary Dunbar NY T

You may add your email address and location if you’re searching for members to begin a lay fraternity in the US.

The International Team of the Lay Fraternity of Charles de Foucauld


Claudio Chiarullini

United Kingdom and Ireland

Spain –

France –

Colombia, South America

Hernán Ramírez

(57)(4)2886725  Or (57)(4)3137553295

The Jesus Caritas Lay Fraternity in Montreal was initiated in the 1950’s.  In the 1990’s, Fraternity life underwent a revival with the emergence of a fraternity of young adults.  Today , The Lay Fraternity in Montreal consists of 8 members of all walks of life.  In each monthly meeting, the Fraternity begins with a frugal supper and then proceeds to the Revision of Life and sharing of the Gospel.  Meetings end with adoration of  the Blessed Sacrament.

For information  regarding the Lay Fraternity in Montreal

Contact: Ciro,

Secular Institute Jesus Caritas  USA

For single women

The Italian Congregation: The Little Brothers of Jesus Caritas

The International Badaliya  Prayer group

The root of the word Badaliya in Arabic, means to replace or exchange one thing for another. The French scholar and spiritual seeker, Louis Massignon (1883–1962), interpreted the word as a willingness to put oneself in the place of another, to give one’s own life for the sake of someone else. This offering of himself for the well-being of his Muslim brothers and sisters was the inspiration for Massignon’s entire life. In 1947, the renowned orientalist, who had regained his Christian faith and identity while on a research expedition in Baghdad, in present day Iraq, established an international prayer association that he named, the Badaliya and for which he remained the organizer until his death in 1962.

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USA Lay Fraternity contacts

Mount Vernon New York


Gloria Quinones,

Stella DeFreitas,

Counties of Los Angeles & Orange CA

Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Started about 13 years ago, the Jesus Caritas Fraternity meets the second Saturday of the month in St. Malachy Church and Rectory at 1429 North 11th Street Philadelphia PA 19103.

For information regarding the Jesus Caritas Lay Fraternity at St. Malachy Church


Phyllis Grady,

Jim McGovern,

Rhode Island

Biloxi Ms

I am a privately vowed man who follows the spirituality of Blessed Charles de Foucauld. I live on my own, in the world, in Biloxi, MS. My goal with this site is to provide resources and reflections for others.
God bless you, Matthew Manint

USA Washington DC

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